• Hoffnungsträgerin des Jahres 2015

    German dance magazine “tanz” awards Antje Pfundtner white hope for the dance 2015!

  • Preview: world premiere “Aus der Reihe tanzen” (WT), 21.10.2015, Kampnagel Hamburg

    Now I don’t want to torture you any more; I want to be completely open with you and I hope that these sentences have rhyme and reason – but I am optimistic: In “Aus der Reihe tanzen” (WT), proverbs and sayings will be translated into choreographic material. Language is taken literally and the dance follows …

  • Guest performances of “nimmer”

    Guest performances: “nimmer” in Berlin and Linz, “nimmer & nimmermehr” in Düsseldorf “nimmer” April 21st/ 22nd: Augenblick mal! Festival Berlin: http://augenblickmal.de June 25th/ 26th : SCHÄXPIR Festival Linz: http://schaexpir.at Video: https://vimeo.com/104389766 “nimmer & nimmermehr” June 1st/ 2nd/ 3rd: WESTWIND Festival Düsseldorf: http://westwind-festival.de Photo: Anja Beutler

  • Premiere “nimmer & nimmermehr”: 08.05.2015, Kampnagel Hamburg

    Is a performance different depending on whether children or adults watch it? Can you anticipate and fulfill a young audience’s expectations better than an adult audience’s? The Hamburg choreographer Antje Pfundtner investigates the interfaces and differences between both target groups; in the “nimmer & nimmermehr” project, she dedicates herself to the question of how adults …