inDeckung (2007)

World Premiere 2007

In her new ensemble piece, the choreographer and dancer Antje Pfundtner deals with the phenomenon of camouflage and deception as human behavior but also as a part of dance’s stage situation.

Those who would like to maintain the positive image of themselves – the abilities and potentials they created in the course of their lives – will protect themselves against information that questions this unbroken life perspective. Thus the art of daily survival is the ability to differentiate between a glossy appearance and the dark abyss in the game of camouflage and illusions.

An artist on stage is on display, in an exposed situation. You don’t find an escape unless you lie. In what situations do I take cover? In what situations would I yell „take cover!“, in order to attack? What am I ashamed of? Where does this cover express itself in your body? The escape into the absurd or into a different world or different entities, opens up many possibilities to unmask the illusions of our deficiencies and fears – and implement them.


Photos: Olaf Reinecke


„It is the game’s childlike magic that repeatedly fascinates Antje Pfundtner; she uses all her power of fantasy to theatrically exhaust it and choreographically bring it together in a wonderfully flowing logic.“ Irmela Kästner/ Die Welt

„No matter how much you try to bring the images into a logical order, it is only when one gives up that the piece can unfold its unique attraction. However, one thing is soothing in this eerie world of images and dance: a new piece by and with Antje Pfundtner is an experience, a joy – every time.“ Thomas Hag/ NRZ



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