selbstinschuld (2005)

World Premiere 2005

In every story there is an important moment, the moment of decision. Hence everyone has his own story and is responsible for it. New ideas and stories are born constantly – there are always shortcomings.

We are ourselves and therefore in our own fault:

We know everything.
We’re all in on it.
We’re all alone.
We’re all in our own fault.

If you can’t fix it – feature it!


Photos: Iris Terzka


„Sarcasm pervades Pfundtner’s ambiguously exciting dance images about the existential treadmill’s cycle. Strong and suggestive, ‚selbstinschuld’ proves the independence of mind in her honed talent. A small, precise and intelligently crafted masterpiece, in a positive sense irritating, and one that never loses its suspense.“ Klaus Witzeling/ Hamburger Abendblatt

„At the FFT, Antje Pfundtner is showing her new choreography ‚selbstinschuld’ – an abstract meditation about the idea that every biography grows with personal decisions. It is as dry and honest as her famous solo ‚eigenSinn’. Simply sketched, it is undermined by a sensitive intelligence and humor. […] And in contrast to many dance colleagues – who present interesting solo projects but then end up struggling with their first ensemble work – she now is moving from one genre to the next as though there were no differences.“ Gesa Pölert/ Rheinische Post

„Who laughs last, laughs best. ‚selbstinschuld’ is a metaphor for life as such – for survival. Antje Pfundtner uses it for intelligently humorous and fantastical movement research, and she continues to develop her choreographic language.“ Irmela Kästner/ tanzjournal



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