Tischgesellschaft “B(u)y Anyone”, 17.06.2022, Tanzkongress Mainz

In the Tischgesellschaften Antje Pfundtner in Gesellschaft (APiG) initiated in 2018 that were inspired by the question „How do you share ideas, how do you share money?“, the company has been inviting people to regular exchange formats to reflect on the logic and conditions dominating the market. The objective has been to develop alternative, sustainable practices of sharing, transfer and exploitation. 

In the context of „Sharing Potentials“ (Tanzkongress 2022, Mainz), this time the APiG choreographer Antje Pfundtner, the dramaturge Anne Kersting as well as other participants in the Tischgesellschaften offer on 17.06.2022 within the module „Open Calls“ tête-à-tête talks to discuss existing models of redistributing money as well as those models that are yet to be imagined. Since the question of money usually induces controversy and emotional reactions, the artists of the Tischgesellschaft consciously choose the intimacy of a peer-to-peer exchange to invite people to observe money and its dynamics: what paths does money take when you deposit it, distribute it, utilize it, waste it, multiply it, leave it lying around?

There are many motivating factors involved in reconsidering the way money flows; numerous artist initiatives have already founded Europe-wide funds and projects to research new models of income. In 2021, Antje Pfundtner in Gesellschaft (together with further cultural workers: Barbara Lubich, Fabrice Mazliah, Sheena McGrandles, Roberta Mosca, Tilman O’Donnell, Juliana Oliveira, Norbert Pape, Regina Rossi and Anke Strauß) introduced their artist fund FUND#1.

Beyond its monetary value, this fund serves as an inspiration for a public and shared research on work methods in the performing arts. The members of FUND#1 are focused on the resources that produce art as well as their utility. How does money, which does not belong to one artist exclusively or originate from a supporting institution, inspire us? What complementary currencies are attracted by money that has already been committed if this money doesn’t suffice? What temporality of artistic production is created by financial reserves? What subjects and what work methods are enabled by uncommitted money?

In their tête-à-tête talks, Antje Pfundtner in Gesellschaft and other artists from the performing arts will question various models of sharing money and go through them with the Tanzkongress visitors – against the grain.

Please find the detailed programme here. You can listen to the podcast of SPIN here and to the podcast of Common Wallet here.

We’re looking forward to it!

Idea & concept: Antje Pfundtner in Gesellschaft
Artistic director/ curator: Antje Pfundtner and Anne Kersting together with the Tanzkongress 2022
Tête-à-tête talks with: Anne Kersting, Micaela Kühn, Barbara Lubich, Antje Pfundtner, Rain Rose, Alfredo Zinola
Podcasts by: Anke Strauß and Michael Hirsch, Common Wallet, SPIN
Coordination: Hannah Melder

A project by Antje Pfundtner in Gesellschaft in collaboration with the Tanzkongress 2022.